How to: A Photographer’s Guide to Having Their Own Family Portraits Made

family portraits
What it’s like for a photographer to be on the other side of the camera for family portraits:

Honestly, photographers are not much different that non-photographers when it comes to wanting family pictures made. For the most part anyway! 🙂 At the end of the day, we want to document our family at it’s current stage and have treasured pictures to hang in our homes and share with family and friends. So with that being said, let me walk you through my process for when I get ready to book a photographer. Maybe you will find it helpful for when you decide to book a session for yourself!

Start from the beginning:

  1. Research photographers and book your session 10 months in advance! Wait…..what? Is that right? Yep. You heard right. 10 months in advance. Most of us lead very busy lives and if we don’t put something on the schedule, it’s hard to commit to it. Also, it will continue to slip your mind or you will find other things to fill that time if you do not go ahead and commit to it!! So research and commit!
  2. So I go from being super responsible and booking way in advance to slacking! It’s true. I send my clients very detailed information and suggestions on what to wear for sessions. I even have quite a stash of outfits available in the studio to make dressing easier for clients. It makes perfect sense that I would follow my own advice. So I’ve known what I want everyone to wear, but I’ll be buying my nine year olds outfit quite possibly on the way there. Seriously, nothing stresses me out more than dressing my son. He’s become very opinionated about his dress and loves only graphic tees and under armor. Gag! It’s so much easier for me to dress clients than my family! LOL
  3. Photographers -check!  Clothes -check!(well, for the most part) Now what? Be excited, relax and trust the photographers to do their job! Plain and simple. It’s what I ask my clients to do. You have to trust who you choose. I chose these photographers because they have been great mentors to me, I LOVE their style and I completely trust that they will capture my  family authentically. I am excited for the location they have picked out and that I will have gorgeous images to hang in my home as an end result! And I can’t wait to share the images with everyone!

One last thing:

Now, are you curious what products and steps I take to get camera ready? It’s very similar to what I provide for my senior girl clients when they come in for portrait sessions. I invite you to follow along on Snapchat as I get ready tomorrow for fun, family portraits. I’ll be sharing products and tips along the way!

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