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Photography Gifts

christmas photography gifts This time of year, I get asked a lot about photography gift ideas. I love helping people find that perfect gift.  So I’m here to help if you have someone that enjoys photography in your life.

Let’s start with the basic thing you need most in photography, the camera. 🙂

I shoot with Canon so that’s what I went with when compiling this gift list. To answer another question, is Canon or Nikon better? They are both great, pick what is easiest for you to learn on.

Canon Rebel T6 – This is a great camera to learn and start out with. It is a great gift option for someone that would like to learn photography and get familiar with a DSLR camera.

Canon 6D – This is the next step up from the Rebel T6. This is a great gift idea for the photography enthusiast in your life that is ready to take their learning to the next level.

Canon 50mm 1.8 – Most of the lenses that come with a camera bundle are zoom lenses. This lens is not a zoom lens and this lens is a great one to learn and understand how lenses work with a camera. This is the most affordable version of this lens

SD Memory Card – If you have a photographer in your life, they can never have enough memory cards.

Instax Mini 26 – This is a fun and favorite photography item of mine. I have one that I love taking on trips and vacations. It provides an instant print that you can hang on your refrigerator, wall or place in an album. This item is also super popular with teens and younger children. There are no settings to change around. Just turn it on and start shooting. Make sure you get them batteries and film for this camera.

christmas photography gifts

Floral Camera Strap – We all like to personalize items in our life. That same idea works with photography as well. A camera strap is a great way to do that. This floral strap is adorable and adds a pop of color and personality to your camera. Etsy has a ton of cute camera straps options.

Touch Screen Gloves – I use my phone for several different things during a photo session. During these cold days, a pair of gloves that also lets me operate my phone is a big win!

Day Planner – Let’s be honest, everyone can use a day planner. Even with technology and being able to put my calendar in to a phone or computer, I still like and use a day planner.

Olloclip – This is a great gift idea for someone that loves photography, but loves using their phone versus a DSLR camera. This clip on can turn your iPhone lens in to a wide angle lens, fish eye lens and a micro lens.

Instax Mini Film Album – An album is a perfect accessory gift for the Instax Mini camera. A regular size photo album or scrapbook is also great to allow them to display the images they have taken and printed.

If you still are not sure what your photography person would like, gift cards are great! Gift cards to Amazon, Best Buy or your local camera store allow them to pick out gear and accessories for themselves. Or you can always get them a gift certificate for a photography class with me! 🙂

christmas photography gifts

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas! 🙂

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